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MaggieMiles05/26/2019 09:37:22
*Hyungwon-MonstaX I love how delicate his features are and when we take into account his graceful dancing and height! Hyungwon lives me in awe!

MaggieMiles04/12/2019 22:17:47
*BTS Its finally here and Boy With Luv is sooooo good!

MaggieMiles04/09/2019 10:33:54
*Suga-BTS I think Yoongi has the most pressure relieving smile! When Yoongi smiles all worries and tiredness leave your body.

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Sarah12like1time04/19/2019 18:35:43
I totally agree with you 😻

MaggieMiles04/08/2019 23:19:41
He is a happy virus that came to make the world more energetic!

MaggieMiles11/30/2018 03:17:07
*Youngjae-GOT7 To me Youngjae is the most angelic idol! He is so pure and innocent! Truely adorable!

MaggieMiles11/28/2018 08:08:52
*Yugyeom-GOT7 He is so adorable! To me he is the cutest idol!

MaggieMiles10/21/2018 19:01:27
*LaiKuanLin-WannaOne Kuan Lin has the happiest smile!

MaggieMiles10/18/2018 11:29:07
*LaiKuanLin-WannaOne Such a cutie pie!

MaggieMiles10/18/2018 11:27:05
*WannaOne Four of the members being beautiful as always!

MaggieMiles10/18/2018 11:24:38
*HaSungWoon-WannaOne He is so beautiful!

MaggieMiles10/18/2018 11:22:11

MaggieMiles10/14/2018 03:35:08
*ParkJiHoon-WannaOne Nae maeum soge, Jeojang. <3

MaggieMiles10/14/2018 03:28:59
*ParkJiHoon-WannaOne I am currently watching Produce 101 Season 2 for the first time and Jihoon is just so adorable!

MaggieMiles08/14/2018 20:09:05
*Jisung-NCT Jisung's smile can be weaponized! Seriously how can he be this adorable!

MaggieMiles08/07/2018 20:12:49
*JOSHUA-SEVENTEEN *V-BTS They have birthday on the same day!
I think they will make one mega , unbelievably and utterly adorable couple!
I am starting to ship people from different group , because some personalities mesh so well together! Taehyung and Joshua are the perfect example! I can imagine T...More

Do you ship BTS's V and Seventeen's Joshua together?

Do you ship BTS's V and Seventeen's Joshua together?

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MaggieMileslike1time08/08/2018 08:42:22
Usually we fans ship together people from the same group only , but that is so limiting! I mean some mixes in my head sound so cute like these two above! Think of the possibilities :D Suga and Woozi for example are the mix that everyone should be terrified of! They have the potential to rule the world! D.O and Taekwoon (VIXX) would make a kickass ship name literary - Taekwondo! :D
Sarah12like1time08/08/2018 07:33:49
Maybe I should
Sarah12like1time08/08/2018 07:33:42
I dunno 😂