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X_SKz03/25/2019 00:49:24
*StrayKids - Clรฉ 1 : MIROH

*BangChan-StrayKids ๐Ÿ’–

bestfriend26503/23/2019 04:24:21
hello stay~~ just making this poll for fun..i'm not a real stay cuz i dont know a lot of stray kids but i do love them and their songโค
*Han-StrayKids *Felix-Straykids *StrayKids *IN-StrayKids *BangChan-StrayKids

stray kids

who is your bias in stray kids

2019-03-30 03:16

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Ayama_dopelike2time01/14/2019 06:02:44
He's so goddamn cute!!