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Birthday: November 27, 1992
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Years active: 2012–present


blackpinkwithblink05/13/2018 22:54:16
📌NameSNS *Weekly-KPOP-Poll with User Collaboration📌
✅The Best KPOP Male Idols(with Blonde hair)
📅 (May. 13 ~ 27, 2018) 📅

The Best KPOP Male Idols(with Blonde hair)

Who is handsome?

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To be fair to everyone, we do not count the fake votes.

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ForAllIKnewlike2time05/17/2018 01:25:32
Jimin <3
kpoplv9like10time05/16/2018 18:10:07
*The Best KPOP Male Idols(with Blonde hair) *KangDaniel-WannaOne
Lvkrsongslike10time05/16/2018 17:59:52
*The Best KPOP Male Idols(with Blonde hair) *KangDaniel-WannaOne

JHKim05/01/2018 03:45:39

mariella05/21/2018 18:03:48

yellaaaa05/21/2018 15:33:45
I'm proud to be an Exo-L
I miss this OT12
Version 2

yellaaaa05/21/2018 15:30:45

yellaaaa05/20/2018 16:33:04

yellaaaa05/17/2018 23:49:27

yellaaaa05/15/2018 19:50:22

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tunhasochualiketime05/15/2018 21:04:06

yellaaaa05/15/2018 02:16:30
Have u heard *Chen-EXO 's voice? *Chen-EXO 's high notes is no joke!
This will surely make u goosebumps!
*EXO *EXO-CBX *Suho-EXO *Chanyeol-EXO *Chen-EXO *Sehun-EXO *Baekhyun-EXO *Lay-EXO *DO-EXO *Kai-EXO *Xiumin-EXO

mariella05/03/2018 22:00:51

yellaaaa05/03/2018 15:47:25

yellaaaa05/03/2018 15:30:11

mariella04/24/2018 21:35:40

park_exo04/23/2018 13:05:38
*Chanyeol-EXO your my husband forever and im your no.0 fan we are one exo

exo_l04/23/2018 00:21:49
*Chanyeol-EXO Baekhyun EXO