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Born: January 26, 1998, Cheongju
Height: 180 cm
Music group: Astro (Since 2015)


mariella05/18/2018 14:43:15

Most handsome in ASTRO

Who is your bias in ASTRO?

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KateASTRO05/02/2018 22:46:57
Love you Moon Bin ~oppa.

KateASTRO05/02/2018 22:38:30

ahguse04/27/2018 21:40:23
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin so cute

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aleeyahliketime05/02/2018 06:19:54
Best picture from moonbin astro

moonbim04/26/2018 22:18:51
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin is handsome cute boy

alkongdalkong04/26/2018 21:58:20
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin breathless era

alkongdalkong04/26/2018 21:57:45
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin with baby

moonbim04/26/2018 21:52:40
*MoonBin-ASTRO i love youuuuuu

moonbap704/26/2018 13:15:52
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin is freaking hot.....

moonbap704/26/2018 13:15:38
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin is freaking hot.....

moon98bin04/26/2018 13:03:19
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin with his sister YG trainees moon sua(appeared in unpretty rapstar season two and make into to semi finals)

moon98bin04/26/2018 08:40:06
*MoonBin-ASTRO also known as child actor had appeared in hit korean drama Boys over flowers and played role as f4 kim bum child version....and acting as second male lead in to be continued astro web drama

moon98bin04/26/2018 08:37:21
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin is kid models and appeared in few cf and his friends is chanwoo ikon,sinb gfriend,chanhee sf9

moon98bin04/26/2018 08:36:04
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin also known as mini u-know yunho tvxq and appeared in star king 2009 with tvxq

moon98bin04/26/2018 08:33:47
*MoonBin-ASTRO moonbin appeared in tvxq mv ballons