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Born‎: ‎October 4, 1995
Height‎: 5′ 10″ (178 cm)
Music Group: SEVENTEEN
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MaggieMiles07/27/2018 09:33:53
*Jeonghan-SEVENTEEN I am telling you guys when he saw that there are free spots for Seventeen he ran away from heaven screaming: "I am becoming a Kpop Idol and no one can stop me!"

MaggieMiles07/27/2018 09:26:42
*Jeonghan-SEVENTEEN Girl group who?! With long hair he can calmly go and perfrom with everyone! Guy or girl group it doesn't matter! He is unisex angel!

MaggieMiles07/27/2018 09:23:11
*Jeonghan-SEVENTEEN This guy is driving me crazy! I mean how good looking can you get! And now he is going twinsies with Twice's Tzuyu?! What is going on?!!

Does Jeonghan look like Twice's Tzuyu?

Does Jeonghan look like Twice's Tzuyu?

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Jeonghan100407/20/2018 17:11:25

seungkwan12703/06/2018 08:55:03

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seungkwan127liketime03/06/2018 08:56:12
jeonghan jeongha <3

CathEvaristohaha02/20/2018 23:09:25

hyunkim02/09/2018 12:13:12

Maradhel01/22/2018 21:07:15

Maradhel01/22/2018 21:03:50

joahcarat01/15/2018 21:38:53

joahcarat01/15/2018 21:37:54

joahcarat01/15/2018 21:35:50

jaylynanne01/14/2018 16:58:13

JHKim01/13/2018 11:01:00

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yongjonliketime07/12/2018 03:29:15
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JHKim01/12/2018 14:26:57